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The essence of Aryabhatta's contribution to mathematics & world

Inventor Of "Zero"

TheAryabhatta was the Indian mathematician who gives the digit ‘zero’ to the world and his name itself means the astronomical text spell. No one knows that where the Aryabhatta was born and in which year he was born. The 476ce is the year in which the Aryabhatta was born according to the evidences of the history. In the ancient time was proven that all the work of the Aryabhatta which was done by him is known as the ‘aryabhtiya’. There are many methods in which the proves of each and every equations of the mathematics and all kinds of formats and procedure to do the equation has been specified. 

The Ancient Genius "Aryabhat"

The main and the biggest Aryabhatta’s contribution to mathematics & world are:

Place value system and zero

It was given by the Aryabhatta in the 3rd century which was known by the name of Bakhshali Manuscript and was very clear in his work or for the palace of his work. All the script which was given by the Aryabhatta was in the form of Sanskrit tradition and was of Vedic times. Place value notation was considered as the place value system and also the method of representing and coding of numbers. Ones place, tens place, hundreds place of the digits in the numeration word is considered as the place value system of the numbers.

Pi as irrational

Aryabhatta worked by his dedication on the approximation for pi  that is and may have come with the conclusion that   is an irrational. In the second part of the Aryabhatiyam which is an script which was written by him and in gaṇitapāda 10, he writes:

(caturadhikam śatamaṣṭaguṇam dvāṣaṣṭistathā sahasrāṇām ayutadvayaviṣkambhasyāsanno vṛttapariṇāhaḥ.)

This means that “Add 4 to 100, multiply by 8, and then do the addition of 62,000. By using this rule or we can say that this method the circumference of a circle and the diameter of the circle is 20,000 which can be approached."If we talk in the numerical form then this concept or method implies that the ratio of circumference to its diameter is ((4 + 100) × 8 + 62000)/20000 = 62832/20000 = 3.1416, which was accurate to the five significant figures.

Mensuration and Trigonometry

In the Ganitapada 6 which was written by the Aryabhatta, Aryabhatta has given the area of a triangle as:

(tribhujasya phalashariram samadalakoti bhujardhasamvargah)

If we translate the stanza to: "for a triangle, if we see the result of a perpendicular with the half-side is its area."Aryabhatta had discussed the essential concept of sine into his work by the name of ardha-jya which was given by him himself, which literally means that "half-chord". For the simplicity of the word people started calling the ardha-jya to jya.

Some institutions in India which are named after the Aryabhatta:

  • Aryabhatta institute berhampur.
  • Aryabhatta institute of engineering and technology.
  • Aryabhatta institute of engineering and management.
  • Aryabhatta institute of technology and science.
  • Aryabhatta institute of engineering and management burdwan.
  • Aryabhatta institute of mathematical sciences.
  • Aryabhatta institute of engineering and management panagarh.
  • Aryabhatta institute of observational sciences.

All these institution are best in their field and streams. All these institutions deal with the technical stream as well as management of all kinds of technical streams.

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