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Things to know all about the alpha series

The English is made up of the alphabets that are from A to Z. There are 26 alphabets in the English. A is the first alphabet of English and Z is the last alphabet. These alphabets have made the language English the most wonderful and beautiful language. This is accessible at all parts of the world.
A-A is the first alphabet and is the first vowel. The A is consisting of the two slanting sides and that is crossed by the horizontal bar in middle.

B-B is the second letter and it is representing voiced bilabial stop in other languages and in English too. B is used in representing the others bilabial consonants.

C-C is the third letter in English alphabet; it is named as cee and is pronounced as SI in English language.

D-D is the fourth letter in modern English, it is pronounced as Di. D is indicated by signing with right hand with index and the thumb is extended which is curved half.

E-E is pronounced as EES and is fifth letter in English alphabet and is second vowel in the modern English.

F-F in modern English is the sixth letter and is names as EF. It is used for representing the sound f, which is the voiceless labiodentals fricative.

G-G is named as Gee and is seventh letter in English. The originator of G is Spurious Carvilius Ruga.

H-H is names as EIT or aitch or haitch which is eight letter in English.

I-I is pronouns as AI and is ninth letter. It is third vowel. It is common letter in English alphabets.

J-J is tenth letter in modern English alphabet; its normal name is Jay in English.

K-It is named as Kay and is eleventh lettering in modern English alphabet it usually represents voiceless velar plosive.

L-L is named as EL in modern English it is having different sound values depending on it occurs after vowel.

M-It is named as EM and is 13th letter in modern English, derived from Phoenician mem.

N-N is names as EN; it is 14th letter, which is also common letter and second common used consonants.

O-O is named as OES which is 15 letter and second last vowel in modern English.

P-P is named as pee and is 16th letter in modern English.

Q-Q is named as cue and is 17th letter in modern English.

R-R is named as ar which is 18th letter; R sometimes refers to as littera canina.

S-S is named as ESS which is 19th letter in modern English alphabet.

T-T is second common letter and is 20th in modern English and common used consonants.

U-U is named as JU and is 21st letter and fifth vowel.

V-V is named as VEE and is 22nd letter in modern English alphabet. It came from Semitic letter Waw.

W-W is named as double u and is 23rd letter. It is only one letter name having more syllables.

X-X is named as EKS and is 24th letter in modern English, typically pronounced as voiceless consonants cluster.

Y-Y is named as WYE and is 25th letter and a penultimate letter in modern English.

Z-Z is named as ZED and is final letter in modern English.

These are the letters in modern English alphabet that has given full supports in framing the meaningful words and sentences in English language. The people enjoy speaking it.

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