The unknown biography of unknown Indian-Nirad C. Chaudhary

The unknown biography of unknown Indian-Nirad C. Chaudhary

The unknown biography of unknown man, who is not known to any one in India, is Nirad C. Chaudhary. He has written a book on his life, from his birth to his death. He was from a small town in Bangladesh (before Partition).  This book relates to the amazing Facts of sir Nirad, his mental development, his growing life in Calcutta. He was a man who can read and observe those facts which are not seen by anybody.

He was man with interactual ability. In his days of childhood, he was guided by his grandfather who the servant of the famous king Ashoka. Nirad, was self-professed in any situation he can propound the words what he thinks, and what he reminds to other. He describes his mental feature in his biography that he was a dual perspective who can make a wonderful reading. His strength of treating children’s, his attachment and gratitude towards the entire Calcutta is remarked in his biography. His unknown biography was remarked with by the king in those days. As, his way of writing was admired by most of the Indians. Even today the Sanskrit writers follow the writings of Nirad. His biography reveals author mind and the way he use to map his mind on different things.

Over the years, his unknown biography was admired by most of the people. Winston Churchill renamed this book biography as the best book of those times. It is interesting to know that kings of those were most interested in reading the books of people who are still not known to anyone. In 1998, his book was included in the study of history. The London Oxford University has renamed his book with the name of unknown man of India. There are some books which are still unpublished to the whole world and are still remarked with glory.

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