Some interesting facts that peoples do without thinking

Some interesting facts that peoples do without thinking

#1 Doing engineering and following up with an MBA and then trying to move ahead of their career. Like an ice-flavor taster.

Indian has a unique mind. They don’t think about their career. They don’t know what to do in life. They also don’t know that whatever they choose a goal is it good for him or not. They always come in the talking of others. Indians are the victim of the sheep symptoms. While things are gradually changing in India and many more Indians are bewaring of those things; no changes will look. Still, a crowdies mentality remains.

#2 Throwing garbage on top of a huge garbage heap

Adding one little plastic bag or some scrap or in rag paper will not make it dirtier while it has already dirty. Unluckily it is of people like you that heaps are formed in the first place. As the prime minister of our India was starting a mission “Swacch Bharat ‘and its pages on Facebook and tweeting about the garbage heaps at every street corner, but they will do nothing and creating more junk. 

#3 Getting married at the “right” age

If you ask any Indian aunty and uncle that the Marriage should be getting at the right age(is around 25-26 for boys and 22-24 for girls) they will give you answer yes it should be. Because many reasons behind it firstly wrinkles will form around eyes, and you will suddenly look horrible. On that stage, no want to marry with you.

#4 Changing Facebook DPs and Whatsapp statuses.

A new but extremely irritating trend Indians have adopted. Every day they have changed their Facebook profile whatever reason they believe in.
We have many interesting facts to show you that actually, Indians have a unique and brightest mind. They are always doing a copy of each other and doing anything without thinking that what they will get results.

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