How incredible is the fish and of what facts still people is unaware?

We all have seen the fishes of varieties in the world. Those creatures are very much elegant in the color and mostly the people like to keep them as their poet in the home.  Fishes are identified as the aquatic vertebrate creature whose body may or not be covered by the scales and the bears of the two sets of the paired fins or unpaired fins. The fishes are cold blooded or is exothermic animal. This means that the temperature of body keeps on changing as per the water temperature. The fishes are distributed all in an aquatic habitat that is ranging from the streams of the mountains to the deepest oceans.  

There is about 32,500 species of the fishes are found and they all have formed the very largest diversity off an organisms as compared to the other classes of the vertebrates. The fishes are yet caught by the fishers and keep them in the Aquarian just as a decoration piece. Even those incredible creatures are too associated with the religions and culture. Do know the incredible facts about these creatures. If not then just read more in this article.

Some of the best and interesting facts about the beautiful fishes-

#1  On our earth the fishes have been for about 450 million of years. This is the fact which the people are still not aware.
#2  Before the dinosaurs came and roamed into this world the fishes was earlier on this earth.

#3  About 32,500 species of the fishes are found in the earth which is really a big thing and people keep on thinking that how come it is possible.

#4 Mostly the fishes are reproducing and giving out the eggs but some are there who reproduce and gives birth to their babies called as pups.

#5  Usually the fishes are treated as the creature who cannot survive without water even for a second. There is a fish named as lungfish which can survive out of the water for longer time even for years.

#6  The body temperature of the fish is depending upon the temperature of the water. As per the changes in water temperature the body temperature of fish changes.  The fish like shark can easily raise the temperature that helps them in hunting for the pray easily into the cool water.

#7 One of the old aged fish found is the Australian lungfish, and it was about 65 years.

#8 The fishes are having unique way of communicating with one another. They do not have the vocal cords and they use thee body parts in messaging. They are moaning, croaking, creaking, wailing, booming, hissing, shrieking and whistling.
 #9 Starfish and jellyfish are not considered to be the fish.

#10  Fishes can easily form the schools contains the millions of the fishes.

#11 The fishes do not have the jaws and is not yet attached to the skulls. The fishes shoot with the mouths forward like the spring for catching the prey.

#12 The sharks are only having the eyelids.

#13  The electricity rays and electric eels are having much and enough electricity for killing the horses.

#14 It is also seen that out one-third of the male fishes are changing their sex because of the pollution in the human sewage.

#15  Mostly the lipstick is containing the fish scales.

#16 One of the fastest fish in the world is the sailfish; it can swim faster as a car runs on a highway road.

#17 The catfishes are having the taste buds over 27,000 and the humans are just having it about 2,000 to 4,000 only.

These were some of the incredible and unknown facts about the fishes. Still the studies and researches are going down on this creature for more facts.  The most amazing fact is that the scientist have just explored the 1 percent of the ocean depth and it is believed that more new kinds of fishes are down there waiting to get discovered. 

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