What do you understand by incredible India?

The incredible word consists of some letters like I for in heritage, N for nationalism, D for diversity, I for irreconcilable power and the last is A for assert. India is unique and incredible country, which contain much diversity. That is why India is especially know for its diversity in language, diversity in religion, diversity in food, diversity in clothes, diversity in occasions, and diversity in states, which introduce our country in a spectacular manner.

India a democratic country, in India peoples chooses their leader by giving the vote. Peoples of our India country are independent they can do anything whatever they want. India is only the country; their peoples change us according to the different locations. Every country or region has the incredible rich heritage and holy stories.

North region:

North region is the heaven of our India, which is, consist from Kashmir and Himalayan. They have their holy stories and temples. North region consist from two states Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Punjab has known for a king of a ranch.

East region:

East region consists from some states like Odisha, West Bengal and the union territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. The third largest big city in India is the Kolkata 

Southern region:

The southern region contains a lot of festivals, foods, and languages. The person of a southern region is the devotee of God. The face tone of the people of this region is black. The peoples of this region like to eat coconut chat and the dishes of rice.


India is a unique and incredible country for those who believe that India is the incredible country because there are too many monuments, heritage, and forests. Every year a numerable tourist comes to India for seeing the glorious place of our India. Some Indians do not care of valuable treasure of our country.

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