Know some fun facts about our incredible India

There are too many fun facts in our India. You may enjoy when you know about our India. Our India is an incredible country and has too much diversity. You can say that East or West India is the best. In our country, many beautiful places attract you towards them. When you go in the different region of the India, you may get a chance to see different peoples, different foods, and their different lifestyles.

India was the island, 100 million years in the past. The name of India derives from the Indus River of Harrapan civilization. The earth’s oldest civilization is Indus Valley Harrapan civilization.  India is the constant and old civilization. After the powerful army of USA and China, and India, rank is the third in a powerful army. Other fun facts are that The India most famous two temples Kashi Vishwanath temple and Tirupati Balaji temple carry the more visitors every year in the comparison of   Mecca and Vatican City.

Every year Kumbh Mela is occurs in our India, which is attained by more peoples you can call the religious gathering. It is the globe biggest gathering of people. Now in the globe, Varanasi is the vintage, constantly populated city. There are 300,000 mosques in the India instead of other nation.  Takshila is the first university in the world it begins in 700BC.
India is famous for the world’s largest term of students, in Lucknow, the city Montessori school contains 45000 students. 

In our Indian railway, there are 1.3 million employees more than the population of many nations.  India is the world’s top third country in speaking English. The birth name of Hollywood actor Sir Ben Kinsley’s is Krishna Pandit bhanji, and he is from India. India is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in 17th century. There are too many vegetarians in the India. These are the fun facts of our India.

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